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Play & Connect - The basics

Are you a parent, educator or counselor committed to creating deeper connections with children? Then this course is designed just for you. In this course, you will work for a month towards gaining control over your puppet and learning how to initiate conversations through your puppet. 30 short daily lessons and 5 collective Zoom meetings will assist you in this process. We start on February 29th.

What this course offers you:

  • Learn to animate your puppet, creating an inviting and recognizable character.
  • Develop skills for engaging children in daily, meaningful conversations through your puppet.
  • Gain confidence in your interactions with the puppet, thereby creating joyful and educational experiences for both you and the children.

Puppet Power Pack

Have you ever observed the unique bond between a child and a puppet? It's quite fascinating. This bond inspired my own transformative journey and a deeper understanding of children. 'Puppet Power Pack' offers you this enriching experience for free. Discover a playful, inviting, and enjoyable way to engage with children through a simple hand puppet. By viewing a puppet through my eyes, you'll gain unique insights into the child's world, creative skills to craft and animate your own puppets, and the ability to foster deeper emotional connections with children.

Are you ready to embark on this journey at no cost? Join me and transform your approach to connecting with children. Let's explore the playful magic of puppetry together – for free!

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