Your puppet as a friend, what are the benefits?

When you hear the terms "hand puppet" or "educational puppet," it's likely you envision a specific role for them. Perhaps it's a puppet used within a structured teaching method or one that participates in immersive role-playing scenarios. However, in this enlightening webinar, we invite you to explore a third, lesser-known possibility: the puppet as a friend.

From my extensive experience with puppets as tools in education and child therapy, I've identified three distinct forms of puppetry: the method-driven puppet, the puppet used in role-playing, and the standalone friend puppet. Each form offers unique opportunities and outcomes, demonstrating how varied interpretations of "educational puppet" can be.

In this concise yet illuminating 15-minute webinar, we challenge conventional perceptions of puppetry by introducing the concept of the puppet as a friend. Drawing from my expertise, we'll delve into the nuanced differences between method-driven, role-play, and friend-oriented puppetry.

Through captivating visual demonstrations featuring authentic puppets, we'll showcase the diverse applications and benefits of each form. While method-driven and role-play puppets are familiar territory, the friend puppet – operated independently by the adult to foster a deeper connection with the child – remains relatively unexplored.

Why Attend?

Discover how mastering the friend puppet approach can provide unparalleled insights into children's needs and behaviors, allowing you to tailor your guidance more effectively and efficiently. Not only does this approach benefit the children you work with, but it also enhances your own understanding and engagement with them.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the transformative potential of puppetry in education and child therapy. Register now and embark on a journey towards deeper connections and more impactful interactions with the children in your care.

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