Your puppet as a tool, what does that looks like?

Unlock the Potential of Hand Puppets in Child Education

Welcome to an enlightening exploration of hand puppetry in educational settings! We offer you exclusive access to our article, "The Use of Hand Puppets as a Tool in Working and Educating Children," paired with an engaging webinar that explores three distinct puppetry approaches.

Dive into the Article
Start with the article, which outlines the vast possibilities hand puppets offer when working with young children. Discover how these versatile tools can:

  • Encourage shy or reserved children to express themselves.
  • Enhance educational engagement through interactive storytelling and imaginative play.
  • Serve as a comforting companion, helping to build emotional resilience.

This article provides a foundational understanding of the impact that puppetry can have in fostering meaningful interactions and supporting child development.

Expand Your Knowledge with the Webinar
If the article made you curious, watch the 12-minute webinar, too. Here, I'll show you examples of three specific puppetry approaches:

  • The Methodological Puppet: Used as a structured educational tool.
  • The Role-Playing Puppet: Facilitates dynamic interactions and scenario-based learning.
  • The Puppet as a Friend: Focuses on building emotional connections and support.

This session will illustrate practical applications and showcase the unique benefits of each approach, helping you to see which approach suits you and your daily situation the best.

This free resource is ideal for educators, therapists, counselors, and any professional involved in child development, this opportunity invites you to rethink how you engage with children and enhance learning outcomes through the creative use of puppets.

Join us on this journey to discover how hand puppets can open new doors in child education.

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