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Do you work with young children and long for more engagement in your activities, as well as a deeper connection and understanding of what’s truly going on in their minds?

A hand puppet can be an extraordinary tool for you. It’s much easier for a child to interact with a puppet than to open up directly to an adult, lowering the barriers to communication and connection.

To a child, a puppet feels like an equal—a friend who listens and understands without judgment. This creates a unique and safe space for them, unlike the dynamic they share with adults. The puppet can engage with the child in a playful and inviting manner, perfectly aligning with the child’s imaginative world.

However, in practice, it’s clear that more is required than just having a puppet. The puppet is merely the tool, not the solution itself. It’s the means through which you can facilitate meaningful conversations and activities, drawing children in to participate actively and willingly.

Children will open up, allowing the puppet—and through it, you—to glimpse into their thoughts and feelings. They might reveal aspects of themselves previously unseen, or share with the puppet their needs, desires, or how they perceive their time with you.

Imagine possessing a puppet that allows you to orchestrate interactions and foster engagement, akin to a conductor bringing out the best in every part of a musical piece.

Envision the joy of animating a hand puppet, captivating children with its dynamic personality and infectious enthusiasm. How do you think this will transform your educational environment?

Who do you think you could reach more effectively?

If you’re eager to work with a puppet but are concerned about the complexity, doubt your natural ability, or question if it’s right for you, then I have encouraging news for you.

Those concerns are unfounded.

Employing a puppet as your tool to bridge the gap to children isn’t about innate talent; it’s about consciously leveraging and creatively utilizing the puppet’s potential. And that’s something anyone can learn, especially if you’re interested in children, willing to think outside the box, and ready to stretch your comfort zones.

With 30 years of experience using hand puppets to challenge and support children’s development, I’ve crafted a course that guides you through simple, effective techniques. This course will help you achieve your objectives with your puppet, step by step.

Opportunity Awaits:

You already have a puppet and a vision of what you want to achieve. I provide the pathway to your goal. Through a month-long program offering daily assignments with your puppet, I’ll show you the ‘how’.

Committing to practice for about 15 minutes a day with your puppet will significantly enhance your skills and confidence. That’s a promise.

In just one month, you’ll evolve from a novice to a playful catalyst, capable of uncovering deeper layers in children through your puppet.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear from our students

🎭 Testimonials

"In one word: amazing! Helen's course gave me the courage to use my puppet, even in a 5th-grade class. My puppet, Maartje, has become an essential part of my practice." - Yvette, a grateful teacher

"Helen’s enthusiasm and practical tips significantly lowered the threshold for actually using my hand puppet. I've seen so much progress and now use my puppet to approach topics and hear so much more from children. An enormous gift!" - Mary, a dedicated counselor

"I found the course eye-opening. It's a solid structure with a fun approach. I've learned to give my puppet, Mees, a character and a voice, making my interactions with children more engaging." - Ann, a satisfied homeschooling parent

"Helen gave me the confidence to really get started with my puppet. I went from feeling incompetent to empowered, thanks to her blend of knowledge and practical application." - Christel, an inspired educator

Ideal for Various Professionals

Whether you're a preschool teacher, childcare professional, speech therapist, (homeschooling) parent, special education teacher or counselor, "Play & Connect" provides tools and techniques to enhance your interactions with children.

Play & Connect is about:

  • Confidence Boost: Gain mastery and confidence with your hand puppet, empowering effective and seamless leadership in interactions.
  • Character Development: Bring your puppet to life with a unique voice and personality, encouraging children's active participation.
  • Masterful Techniques: Learn the essentials of puppetry, avoid common pitfalls, and promote a positive learning atmosphere through both proactive and reactive strategies.
  • Playful Catalyst: Evolve into a dynamic facilitator, sparking growth, development, and joy in children through interactive and engaging sessions.
  • Creative Expression: Unlock your creative potential with the puppet, fostering imaginative play and communication skills in both you and the children you engage with.
  • Connection Building: Strengthen your bonds with children by establishing a fun and captivating connection through puppetry, leading to deeper and more meaningful interactions.
  • Skill Enhancement: Refine your puppetry skills, expanding your repertoire and enhancing your educational toolkit with innovative and effective techniques.
  • Joyful Learning Environment: Create a lively and joyful setting where children are motivated to explore, learn, and grow through play, fostering a love for learning.

Embrace the Journey and discover that with a puppet, you literally have endless possibilities in your own hands

Helen Meurs

How the Course is Structured

"Play & Connect: Puppet Power Essentials" is designed for a thorough and practical learning experience:

📅 31 Days, 31 Lessons: The course unfolds over 31 days, with each day presenting a new facet of hand puppetry through a short video lesson. These lessons build on each other, enhancing your skills and confidence progressively.

💌 Daily Email Prompts: Receive daily emails linking to the video lesson and a specific assignment, keeping you engaged and on track.

🕒 Flexible Learning: Designed for your busy schedule, watch the lessons and complete assignments when it suits you, without feeling overwhelmed.

🚀 Practical Approach: From the first lesson, the focus is on practical application. Each assignment advances your puppet mastery, culminating in a skill set ready for real-world interaction.

🎓 Ready for Action: Completing the lessons and assignments prepares you to engage children confidently with your hand puppet, creating impactful and joyful learning experiences.

Hi there, 

I'm Helen, and my journey to creating "Play & Connect" began with a simple observation: the immense joy and developmental growth in children when they engage in playful interactions.

Noticing a common hesitation among parents, educators and other child professionals using a hand puppet, motivated me to design this course. It's aimed at empowering you to master your hand puppet and create impactful, lasting encounters with children.

Join me in this transformative experience, and let's bring joy and growth together!

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